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Brand Champions

At Monogram, we select only those who exemplify the artisanal spirit to represent our devotion in crafting the finest appliances in the industry.

Thumbnail of Romain Avril

“Monogram is driven by excellence.
The brand represents true luxury and attention to every detail.”

Romain Avril
Monogram Executive Chef

As early as the age of 18, Avril began his career in fine dining in France. He crossed the English Channel to Mayfair and landed at 2 Michelin starred restaurants.. He continued across the Atlantic to Toronto where he worked as Executive Chef at Le Saint-Tropez, Marcel’s, Le Zazou and Origin North as the Chef de Cuisine with Master Chef Canada's Claudio Aprile. Most recently he was Executive Chef at the Bloor Street French bistro La Societé and continues his dedication to the craft of all things cuisine as the current executive Chef at Toronto’s rooftop destination... Lavelle.

Thumbnail of Orlando Carreira

“Monogram’s luxury appliances inspire me to create innovative cocktails. We share an artisanal approach to craftsmanship that applies to all we do.”

Orlando Carreira
Monogram Executive Mixologist

Orlando is a Chief Mixologist and the General Manager at Toronto’s El Catrin and has been featured on both television and in media as one of the best artisans at his talent. To craft the perfect cocktail he has travelled the world over for inspiration. In his own words, Orlando is the type of person who would rather “fail a thousand times to achieve one great victory.” He believes that great environments start with great people.