Monogram Forge Heated Ice Press - FORGE02PACK

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Approximate Dimensions (W × H × D)
9.50 in × 14.00 in × 9.50 in
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Key features
Precise Heating
The Monogram Forge uses precision temperature control to shape and craft a beautiful ice sphere that is sure to impress.
Fast Ice Pressing
This unique heated ice press makes an ice sphere in 60 seconds or less.
Continuous Back-to-Back Ice Presses
Entertain endlessly thanks to no recovery time between continuous, back-to-back presses.
Large Capacity Drip Tray
Savor the convenience of the large capacity drip tray that can hold melt water from up to 9 presses before needing drained.
No Wait Heating
Never wait to press thanks to virtually no preheat time

Specification and files